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Together We Can Make A Difference's main objectives are: Creating a great sense of community and civic pride, enhancing education and related support systems, improving the neighborhoods physical appearance and infrastructure, increase business development and creating jobs within the communities, and promoting public health and safety. All of these factors would give the famillies in the communities a chance to work together in a friendly environment. Enabling everyone to be productive is our aim! The multiple purpose training center will enable people to become self-sufficient, independent and capable of being self-employed, or employed by others. Supporters to this plan are those in the Communities, Churches, Local Companies, Schools, Colleges, Famillies, Friends, Military Forces, Medical Facilities and Providers. A few examples of the training provisions will be: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Automotive Training, Catering, Restuarant Preparation, Computer Technology, Daycare, In-Door Swimming Pool, Horticulture, Creative Writting, Music, Television, Radio Broadcasting, Bible Training, Money Management, Art, Parenting Skills, Legal Services, Natural Herbs, Performing Arts and more.... We realize that education alone is not enough; therefore adding provisions to the education are a must. Such provisions are: Medical Assistance, Food, Shelter, and Other basic needs. Medical assistance would be provided based on income, along with a special payment plan. Discount Coupons or Cards, Food Vouchers or Cards, would be used to supplement food purchases in place of food stamps. Homes would be remodeled to provide decent living conditions at affordable prices. Money Management classes as well as Counseling, and True Life classes,would ready welfares recipients, homeless, employed and unemployed people prepare for jobs and business opportunities. We need more community involvement with those that will no longer recieve welfare, this will help us all work together towards a stronger community, family, and nation. Encouraging interaction within communities will bring people closer and help forge a new sense of self-respect, confidence, and responsibility. We hope to have an umbrella effect in every community. The umbrella effect encourages working together to bridge racial and economic lines. This is a non stop that can bring about peace and understanding through effective leadership! UMBRELLA℠ = United Mission to Bridge Racial and Economic Lines through effective Leadership in Action.℠ With this statement, we must submit that everyone must come together and work with: "One Mind, One Goal, and One Commitment." We are indeed committed to the growth and prosperity of individuals. We would like to see more people employed, educated, healthy, responisible, and productive. Anyone can be destructive, but it takes a strong person to overcome and be constructive. We are for a positive change, and believe that: "Actions Speak Louder Than words." This Mission Supports The Thought: "A Nation United Will Never Be Defeated. We Seek Growth and Unity, Not Stagnation and Division." Together We Can Make A Difference!℠

Sincerely yours,

Sis. Sheila Joseph - President, CEO, & Founder